VK Media Enhances Digital Presence with Tailored PocketPress Apps

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VK Media has introduced seven new apps developed on the PocketPress platform, designed to enhance user interaction across its varied brands. By integrating existing web content with essential app features like notifications and audio playback, these apps ensure a seamless and enriched digital experience.

VK Media

VK Media is a prominent media house located in Västerbotten, Sweden. The company boasts a diverse portfolio of several brands, encompassing a range of media organisations from traditional newspapers to an internet service provider and a media bureau.

Meeting Modern Media Demands

Recognizing the evolving needs of today’s readers, VK Media has been proactive in merging their rich web content with the dynamic features of native apps. The objective has been to provide a more interactive and intuitive user experience.

Introducing PocketPress Technology

The solution to VK Media‘s challenge is the innovative PocketPress technology. This system is designed to be adaptable, allowing for customization across the seven different news brands VK Media operates. PocketPress effectively integrates the company’s existing web infrastructure with the functionality of native mobile apps, offering a premium user experience on both iPhone and Android platforms.

The seven brands benefiting from PocketPress technology include:

  • Folkbladet
  • Hockeyfokus
  • Lokaltidningen
  • Nordsverige
  • Västerbottens Mellanbyggd
  • Västerbottens-Kuriren
  • Västerbottningen

Enhanced App Features

PocketPress encapsulates VK Media’s current news media website, adding all the native app functionalities users expect from an app. These include notifications, native audio playing, audio queues, content sharing, and smooth transitions. Importantly, the PocketPress engine has been tailored to meet VK Media’s specific requirements and web setup, allowing for a single code base to serve all seven media brands efficiently.

Simplified Maintenance and Support

A significant advantage for VK Media is the streamlined maintenance of the app, which does not need new editorial systems. This ease of maintenance ensures that VK Media’s readers enjoy the full benefits of a truly native app experience. For ongoing app maintenance and support, VK Media has partnered with Shortcut AppCare, enabling them to concentrate on their core strengths — journalism and robust web infrastructure.