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A native app created from your existing news site

Using all of your current editorial systems

Better reading experience - more page views

Better reading experience - more page views

PocketPress is a simple solution for creating state-of-the-art iPhone and Android apps for news media. PocketPress wraps your current news media and adds all the native functionalities that users have come to expect - like native navigation, notification, and much more. Compared to other apps partially based on existing websites PocketPress significantly improves the reading experience of all your content. 

At Shortcut we have worked with news media apps for more than 10 years. Based on that experience we developed PocketPress as an out-of-the-box solution for seamlessly combining native functionality with web-based content. This provides the reader with all of the amazing features possible with native apps, without any requirements for new administrative or editorial systems. It could not be any easier!

PocketPress is a standard product with rich customization options. We have developed PocketPress to manage all the components that are common to news sites, such as opening web pages in the best way, push notifications with images and deep links, and native audio playback. On top of that, we create a unique design and user experience (UX) as well as eventual unique features for each individual customer.

What do you get?

What do you get?

  • To be in the pocket of your readers
  • Significant presence in Apple App Store and Google Play
  • Seamless integration with native capabilities like push, widgets, native media player, and biometric login
  • Unique design and user experience for each app based on PocketPress
  • No need for new backend or editorial systems
  • PocketPress can be developed as a skinnable solution for multiple brands in the same organization
  • Increased page views
  • Increased user loyalty and retention
  • No risk and no additional maintenance

PocketPress feature set

Native navigation

Replaces traditional web-based navigation and provides a much better flow and reading experience. Particularly changing between pages becomes quick and effortless and follows the conventions that your users are already accustomed to from other apps.

Audio player

PocketPress includes a native audio player. This allows users to continue listening with the app in the background, que stories and generally provides better sound quality.


Native iOS and Android sharing capabilities work much better than their web equivalent. They let users share content effortlessly across social media and with personal contacts.

Biometric login

PocketPress supports both Medielogin or OAuth-system. This also allows users to login with fingerprint or facial recognition.

News widget

Show your content on the home screen os iOS and Android users. Provide your users with all the latest news on the fly.

Native notifications

Reach the user, even if they don't open the app. Have the PocketPress monitor your website for news to generate personal push messages from, or handle on your backend.

Mobile and tablet

Does your news site require specialized features and content in the app? Have no fear PocketPress can be tweaked to include anything needed.

Ratings/Review Prompt

The recipe for achieving a high score in the Apple App Store and Google Store consists of two things. Having a great app that your users love, and getting a good review by as many of them as possible. PocketPress comes with a build in rating prompt, which is only shown to the most loyal users.

Recommended and Forced Update

PocketPress comes equipped with a Recommended/Force Update function. This allows us to recommend or force users to update the app from the back end. It significantly reduces maintenance tasks, increases the user experience, and in cases where the app needs new data or API, you avoid inconveniencing users who haven't updated their app yet.

Rich push notifications

Rich push notifications

A proper push notification setup makes a world of difference for news sites. Get the right stories to the right readers at the right time - and make them even more engaging with images and sound.

  • Push notifications with images gives a higher conversion rate than notifications without - simply by making them more engaging.
  • Integrate PocketPress with your existing backend, so push notifications are sent automatically.
  • The possibility to create individualized segments that let the user subscribe to relevant topics.
  • Construct specific segments based on users' article consumption and target them with relevant push notifications.

News media Shortcut has developed for

News media Shortcut has developed for

Shortcut has previously developed apps for: Information, Berlingske, B.T., Weekendavisen, Euroinvestor, Børsen, Illustreret Videnskab, I Form, Gør det selv, Historie, Radio4, DR LYD, Radio 24Syv og en list of other danish media sites.

PocketPress was created on the combined experience of all these apps.

FAQ get started now

What does it require for us to start using our news site with PocketPress?Most importantly is that your website is responsive and works well on both mobile and tablet devices. It's also a great benefit if the navigation is consistent throughout the website. As part of our offer, we will advise you on how to improve these aspects in order to ensure a great navigational performance on mobile devices.

Do we have to make any changes to our current site?It depends on the state of your current site and on the level of native navigation and other features like native sharing that you would want for your app. If your news site currently has issues being displayed on a  mobile device in Chrome or Safari, that needs to be fixed first

What kind of design process is necessary before we can get started?In order to get PocketPress up and running a native navigation, an app icon, and a few settings pages must first be designed. The visual design of the app is expected to fall in line with your current visual identity. There are however some important UX-decision to make, that greatly affect the usability of the app

How long does it take from the initial meeting to us actually having an app?Typically we're talking weeks rather than months. The main bulk of the work is usually the design process and getting the right stakeholders involved.

Does PocketPress utilize backend components?Yes - PocketPress is partially based on Google Firebase. PocketPress doesn't require Google Analytics and the system therefore doesn't store any user data or information about user activity. If you however wish to connect your app with Google Analytics that is definitely possible. Be aware of the potential GDPR challenges associated with Google Analytics, as data can go through non-EU servers.

What is your business model?You can either purchase PocketPress "up front" based on a one-time payment and the time it takes to adjust the app. Or you can buy PocketPress as a subscription plan, where you only pay a small amount at the beginning.

How do we get started?Send an email to info@shortcut.io or catch us at +45 70 26 00 69 and let's have an online meeting. We can prepare for the meeting if we know about the news site the app should be based on, prior to the meeting.

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