Live Webinar: EU Unlocks the App Store?



8. February 2024

Apple has recently announced significant changes to the distribution strategy of its App Store. We invite you this February 21 at 12 pm for a free webinar, where our Shortcutters and sister company Chili Labs will get together to discuss and deep dive into what this all means for developers, business owners, and users.


Apple Store Policy Changes

The app distribution landscape is about to change. Are you ready to navigate the opportunities & challenges for your business?

The App Store is making an unprecedented change in its distribution strategy in the European market. The changes could allow alternative app marketplaces and enable new payment options. But what does this all mean for us as developers and business owners?

Join us this February 21 for a free webinar where we will unpack and bring our in-house experts at Shortcut and sister company Chili Labs for an in-depth discussion. 

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Apple is implementing changes to comply with the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA). These changes affect European businesses that depend on iOS apps in their business strategy. If you’re seeking clarity on the upcoming changes or wondering about the opportunities that can bring, join our discussion by signing up today.

We will be releasing more updates, agendas, and information about special guests in the upcoming days. Please stay tuned for more information.




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