Dive into SwiftUI Masterclass

Explore the depths of iOS’s declarative UI toolkit

Ever since the beginning of iOS development, developers have relied on the View framework to develop apps. With the appearance of SwiftUI, the way we build the UI has changed dramatically. 

SwiftUI simplifies and accelerates the development and allows us to quickly bring our app to life with less code, powerful tools, and intuitive Swift APIs. It follows the same Declarative paradigm approach as React, Flutter and Jetpack Compose. This is the trend now! However, this switch of paradigm, while exciting and modern, also brings a whole new set of challenges. And that’s exactly what we are covering in this Masterclass.

This class goes beyond the fundamentals of SwiftUI and focuses on the more complex topics around building apps using the UI framework. We will be exploring lesser known approaches of building UI, with performance in mind, touching upon navigation do’s and don’ts and sharing our battle tested best practices that our team came up with while building production apps using these tools over the last few years.

The Masterclass will cover

  • The intricacies of @ViewBuilder and how the view tree works under the hood
  • Making use of the proper tools for View design (ViewModifiers, AlignmentGuide, blendMode, GeometryReader etc.)
  • Building custom layouts
  • Tips and tricks on how to best structure your SwiftUI code
  • Adding a nice touch to your app with smooth animations
  • Properly designing your code with Actors, @StateObject, @ObservedObject
  • Architecting the navigation layers in a modular and type safe manner
  • The inner workings of SwiftUI and how to debug performance issues for a butter-smooth user experience
  • Getting the grips of SwiftUI’s new Data Flow mechanisms (Environment, PreferenceKey etc.)
  • When: 23rd of November, 13:30 - 20:00
  • Location: Opera Center, Bucharest (Eroilor metro station)
  • Format: In-person, hands-on workshop
  • Level: Advanced
  • Price: 50€
  • Requirements:
    - In-depth experience with iOS
    - Basic SwiftUI know-how
    - Laptop (hands-on workshop)
  • What is included?
    - Content & Practical assignments
    - Access to follow-up handbook and sample app
    - Coffee & Snacks


Who is this aimed at?

This class is addressed to experienced iOS developers who have started their SwiftUI journey and are eager to polish their knowledge of more advanced topics. Basic SwiftUI knowledge is a must, as we are aiming to touch upon the more complex challenges. 

What is the format?

We'll be running the class in a practical workshop format, covering multiple complex topics. For each topic we'll go over the theory behind and we'll discuss some of the most important aspects to keep in mind. Then, we'll follow with a live-coding session and we'll wrap each topic with a hands-on session, when you'll get to practise and discuss together with our experts.

Why us?

At Shortcut, we’ve been building apps with SwiftUI & Jetpack Compose apps for our enterprise clients for almost two years. We’ve gone through the design, build and release cycle for a few large apps in the meantime and have gathered a lot of knowledge on some of the harder topics.

We like to do things right, so we've tried multiple options, we've looked into the source code and we've discussed with experts in the industry to find the best approaches. And we’d like to share those insights with you. 

Who are we?

Shortcut is the largest mobile apps development agency in Scandinavia, with offices in Romania, Denmark, Norway and Sweden and we're specialised in creating unique mobile solutions. Our team of almost 200 people is building digital tools used by millions every day. With a dual understanding of user behaviour and tech opportunities, we have defined the frontier of mobile solutions since we put our first product in the App Store in 2008. Today, our work comes in handy as businesses embrace the opportunities of mobile transformation.

How about Android / Jetpack Compose?

We have a similar masterclass for Android and Jetpack Compose. So, please check it out if you want to Dive into Jetpack Compose.

How can I get in touch?

If you have any questions, or would just like to say hi, drop us a message at bucharest@shortcut.io.

What are the terms?

The event is governed by the terms and conditions specified here, and participation to the event is conditional on your acceptance of them. We care about your privacy - we'll use the information only to get in touch with you for logistical purposes and for invoicing. Read more here.