Group travel made easy

Plan trips and create detailed programmes

All travel information are always up to date for organisers and travelers

Alert of any programme changes via push notifications

Direct communication between travelers, and organisers and travelers

Collect custom information from participants

Benefits for organisers and participants

Benefits for organisers

  • Manage trips, participants, programs etc.
  • Programme edits updates in real-time for participants
  • Send push notifications to participants with urgent updates or information
  • Direct communication with your participants
  • Manage and edit all trip information on the fly via mobile device or at the office on a desktop

Benefits for participants

  • One place to find your travel information
  • Programme is always up to date
  • Select and sign up for optional events
  • Avoid numerous and outdated pdf's
  • Mobile advantages with notifications & widgets
  • Pleasant and intuitive experience

Before the trip


Organisers creates a trip and add all events and their details.

Events are highly customizable and the organiser can configure timeslot, duration, venue/location, what to bring, limit of participants, if it is mandatory and more. 

The whole trip is easily updated based on sales conversations, tweaks and changes is reflected immediately in the app. Reduce time spent on emails and pdf's.

Participants is added to the event and invited through email along with a direct app download link/QR code.


Once the participants have recieved their invitation and installed TravelPartner, they can log in and see all information about their upcoming trip. 

Guests can add allergies or food preferences, to ensure that the organisers can take these into consideration

Once onboarding is complete, they have a full overview over their entire trip, ranging from flights, check-in/check-out, events at destination and potential optional events.

On the event page they can see the full programme of the trip, and sign up for the optional events, thus creating their own personal programme, visible right in the app. 

During the trip


During a trip, unforeseen events or emergencies happens. When they do, organisers can utilize the app to immidiately notify all travellers on the trip.

With our mobile adaptive CMS, its easy to update the programme on the fly, and even easier to inform travellers of the changes or emergencies. In the app, create a message and send it via push notifications, so everyone is informed of the changes.

Its also easy for the organiser, or an onsite travelguide or partner, to create optional events, that your guests can sign up for.
It could be extra tennis lessons or maybe just an extra excursion to an historical site.


You are now at the destination having fun in the sun. Your itinerary are up to date and easily accessable in the app.

If you wanna meet up with your fellow travellers, could be for a drink in the bar or a game, use the in-app message feature and ask. In the app, you can also see who else is travelling with you.

Do you want some extra activities, look in the programme and see if there is any optional events you can have some fun with. Just by a click, you can add it to you own personal programme.

Fully evolved Content Management System

Part of preparing for the trip, the CMS website is available for the organisers to manage the core aspects like:
  • Creating the trip, setting up dates, information needed for participants
  • Add and invite participants
  • Creating relevant events during the trip, mandatory or optional. 
The organisers have an easy overview of the entire programme

How to get started?

Pick a relevant training trip

Try the solution out for free on the trip

Give us some feedback

  • Get a free setup with all features
  • Get a link to download the app (iOS / Android)
  • Full access to a demo setup