How Mobile Apps Can Transform Your Healthcare Business

Natalia Samovol


10. August 2022

Mobile healthcare applications aim to boost the development of the medical industry and significantly transform its ecosystem. Continuous analysis of users’ behavior provided by smart technologies helps to monitor market trends and make proper decisions.


Smartphones have become a part of our life, an important tool for everyday activity. Work, communication, relationships, nutrition, family, traveling, entertainment… It is quite hard to find a sphere that hasn’t been affected by the fast adoption of mobile technologies. Smartphones and tablets bring tremendous changes to the healthcare industry and the way we care about ourselves.

Nowadays the MedTech industry in general and mobile apps specifically are closely integrated with the modern infrastructure of medical enterprises. The main goal of healthcare apps is to care for patients, but it’s not only patients who can benefit from apps. Doctors, all kinds of hospital staff, pharmacists, company management, and investors can also take advantage of mobile technology. Healthcare apps are widely used for online consultation, diagnosis, appointment scheduling and confirmation, medical supply delivery, customer satisfaction measurement and results monitoring. The right app, developed in the right way, targeted to the right audience, and launched at the right time can become a real miracle for a healthcare company, level up its profit, and secure stable business growth in the long run.

Mobile healthcare applications aim to boost the development of the medical industry, and significantly transform its ecosystem. Better and faster communication ensures a tight connection between doctors and patients, available 24/7. Constant analysis of users’ behavior provided by smart technologies helps to monitor market trends and make proper decisions. As a result of higher service quality, mobile applications can increase customer satisfaction and retention rates that impact business efficiency. According to recent industry reports, the global MedTech industry’s revenue will increase to around 600 billion U.S. dollars by 2024. As for the mobile health market, it is predicted to exceed 300 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

Today, for the healthcare business there are only two options – to ride the huge wave of innovation and become a part of this growing MedTech market, or step back and concede to stronger competitors.

“The best time for healthcare companies to go through inevitable digital transformation, to develop and launch their own app was yesterday. Today is still good for those who want to stay in the changing market, keep their position, and retain clients, but my advice is to hurry up. Being experienced with mobile apps, we at Shortcut can help to save time and avoid common mistakes on the way. To get the best results, we create apps that care about your customers, increase their satisfaction and your business profit,” – states Gabriel Sabadin, CEO at Shortcut Sweden.

The results of the latest customer behavior surveys prove the growing popularity of technology to manage people’s health and everyday self-care. In Q1 2022 the total number of Healthcare apps in Apple App Store and Google Play Market exceeded 103,000 (Statista). The data proves that patients and doctors are open to digital transformation. They test new virtual health care services based on smart technology, and in the majority of cases, they are more than satisfied with the solution and their experience.

In our fast-moving and changing world, the value of users’ time is always increasing. So, it’s no surprise that more and more patients prefer immediate virtual consultation to in-person visits scheduled a month away. For those who need to make a personal appointment with a doctor, it is important to be able to do so without wasting time. Mobile apps help users avoid the time-consuming steps traditionally needed to call the clinic, talk to the clinic’s reception, check schedules, and confirm times.


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Custom mobile apps are a perfect solution for the digital transformation of the healthcare industry. Shortcut’s team has helped many companies improve their data collection processes, efficiently manage customers, gain new clients, and profit from their brand value through mobile applications developed in native iOS, native Android, or Flutter. We are proud of the digital success of our clients. We are happy to see the high ratings of the HerCare and Biloba apps developed by Shortcut. The thousands of app downloads from Apple App Store and Google Play Market result in a growing audience, brand recognition, and increases in company profits.

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