Vi præsenterer: PocketPress

Jakob Mikkelsen


23. June 2023

PocketPress er en simpel løsning til at skabe state-of-the-art iPhone- og Android-apps til nyhedsmedier. PocketPress omslutter dine nuværende nyhedsmedier og tilføjer alle de indbyggede funktioner, som brugerne er kommet til at forvente - såsom indbygget navigation, notifikationer og meget mere.


We are excited to present PocketPress, our latest product crafted specifically for news platforms and media establishments. 

Utilising our expansive expertise in crafting premium apps for press and news organisations, PocketPress offers a streamlined solution to develop state-of-the-art iPhone and Android applications tailored for the news industry.

Drawing from our extensive experience in creating apps for the press and news agencies, PocketPress offers a simple solution for developing cutting-edge iPhone and Android apps for news media.
PocketPress seamlessly integrates with your existing news media, extending it with native features that are customary in today’s digital landscape. This includes intuitive navigation, seamless podcast playback, instant notifications, dynamic widgets, and more. As opposed to traditional apps that merely interface with existing websites, PocketPress enriches the reading experience of your audience with every piece of content delivered.

What sets every PocketPress app apart is its uniqueness. We believe in maintaining a distinct design, user experience (UX), and custom features, exclusive to each client, keeping in line with their identity and needs.

Over time, Shortcut has partnered with renowned media organizations such as Berlingske, DR, Børsen, Information, Bonnier, and more. It is the experience from these app projects which we have used to create a standard product which is the engine inside the news apps we build on PocketPress. For every app, we create a unique design and user experience (UX), including any special features tailor-made for each distinguished client.

To learn more about what PocketPress can do for you, visit, or get in touch with us for an online demo.