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  • iOS Development Vipps
  • Android Development Vipps
  • iOS Development BankID
  • Android Development BankID
  • Design

Intuitive usage, QR scanning, and safe data management have made Norway’s most-used app a natural choice for all day-to-day transactions.

Money talks
Continuous development and fine-tuning makes the app a relevant multi-tool in the hands of both children and adults who need to buy stuff or transfer money. With the ingenious pairing of credit card and phone number, payments are never more than a swipe away. But who are we kidding. You know the story.

Part of life
Vipps wanted to be the solution at hand for all Norwegians. Upgrading the platform to incorporate parentally controlled payments, easy-to-find transfer action and identification via QR was part of the solution, but the real benefit is that the app is designed for continuous evolution. What users need, it will deliver.

Strength in numbers
The mission was to build a safe-to-use IOS and Android solution geared for huge daily transaction volumes. Success demanded close partnerships with Vipps and partner Alipay, with an unwavering focus on safe management of sensitive data, and the deliverables fall in categories such as UX/UI design, business design, and development.

“The app is not just an easy-to-use tool for all Norwegians. It’s an important digital contribution to an ambition of being able to identify new business opportunities fast. The app makes it possible to capitalise on the future. Fast.”

Who said you had to choose between digital innovation and data safety? If you want both, you can get both