a technical tool with information and guidance

a technical tool with information and guidance

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  • Concept
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  • App Development in Flutter
  • Firebase CMS

Precise Calculations. TEKNIQ apps are tools for the precise calculations of water, electricity, and heat pump installations. Key features give the installers both the technical information and the guidance they need when visiting your home.  

VVS app

Plumbers can use the VVS app to easily find the calculation needed for the general standards that comply with the requirements of Chapter 21 in the Danish building regulations, Bygningsreglementet.dk (BR18) and DS 439, Norm for vandinstallationer. 

The app acts as a practical information platform with necessary articles and guidelines for installers working on various water-related cases. With great knowledge inside the app, there are also pre-filled standards that can be adjusted as needed. 

The design focus in the app is all about ease, visual explanation and the delivery of a continuous order line that is easy to follow.

EL app

Electricians can use the EL app to plan the electrical house on a case-by-case basis. Supporting the technician with the correct dimensions for cables and other installations, the app also checks all their chosen solutions and whether the wiring is done according to requirements. The app allows sharing of the planned installation for easy purchasing of materials and installation afterwards.

In order to get heating done right, both apps include the same heat pump calculator. Technicians can both calculate and select the right heat pump for their client’s house and use the noise map overlay to figure out the best placement for the pump. With map technology combined with public data from BBR (the Danish Building and Housing Registry), any user can make sure that the noise levels from a heat pump are within acceptable limits and not impacting on neighbors.  

The apps have been developed in close collaboration between TEKNIQ and Shortcut, with TEKNIQ delivering all the technical details. The conceptual work has been done by TEKNIQ with professional synergy with Shortcut on all app-related standards, architecture, and best practice. Shortcut has delivered the entire design and developed the app on the cross-platform, Flutter.

The app has digitized our members' workflows and raised the quality of their communication with customers and business partners. It has contributed with noticeable value and increased our relevance to the members.

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