Delicious low-budget meals

garnished with zero food waste

garnished with zero food waste

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Karen Elene – aka @fattigstudent – wanted an app that was uniquely designed to be a go-to tool for her +230.000 followers. ‘Sulten’ succeeds because it makes it easy for anyone on a tight budget to find recipes, buy groceries, eat healthy and waste nothing.

Less waste, more taste
With a few clicks users can choose a weekly menu or a single recipe, adjust the number of people to cook for and add recipes to the built-in shopping list. The combination of continuous cooking inspiration and you-need-to-buy-this-and-nothing-else shopping lists makes it a bit easier to live up to 2020 goals of staying healthy, wealthy and climate conscious.

Healthy food for everybody
A desire to stay healthy and do good should not be restricted to people who can afford luxury groceries and ethics. With the app ‘Sulten’ even students and other people on a very tight budget can afford to follow their healthy ambitions and make the world a little greener day by day.

With you all the way
After deciding whether you want to add a full menu or just a single recipe to your shopping list, the app will guide you through the supermarket via its store layout function. You’ll find everything you need in no time – and be ready to cook with the easy-to-follow instructions.

A vital business ingredient
The Shortcut team on the job worked closely together with the customer to give Karen Elene an even bigger voice in her field. The app will play a major role in testing and validating new business models, gathering intel on customer behaviour and as such form a vital ingredient in the company’s future.

“It’s super easy to run everything in the app from an admin panel in a CMS. It’s a 100 % future-ready solution.”

The app makes it easy to eat well, do good and save cash.