Norway’s fastest-growing app ever

has more than 2.000.000 users

has more than 2.000.000 users

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2.15 M

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  • Project Management
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • Business Development
  • Design UX & UI
  • IDP - Login solution
  • DevOps

For modern families, the most important currency is time. That makes Æ an instant hit. With nothing more than your smartphone, you can save both money and minutes. Slam dunk.

Save money on daily shopping
The app is perfectly simple. Register your payment card and get a 10 % discount on your top 10 purchases. Automatically. Allow the app to analyse your shopping habits and get additional shopping benefits. Boom. That’s it. No QR codes to scan. No complex point systems to confuse you.

Part of life
REMA1000 wanted to get closer to customers in order to play a more relevant role in their everyday lives. But instead of developing a complex price-focused loyalty program, they understood that an app is a two-way street that provides better shopping opportunities and sends strong real-time user analytics the other way.

100 % digital craftsmanship
Everything from payment terminals, point-of-sale software, CRM systems, and numerous back-office systems are welded together in the app to provide a seamless customer experience. During the first month after the app was released in 2017, it broke all records for user growth in the market. That record still stands to this day.

“Quid pro quo. My kind of trade. We get valuable information about what our customers need, and they get quality products for quality prices. The app is not just a success for us. It’s a go-to tool for millions of families. That kind of relationship is not just strong, it’s an investment in the future.”

The app makes it possible for us to play a more active role in peoples’ lives. Mission accomplished.

Øisten Olsen

Head of Customer Loyalty

Rema 1000