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A native app getting content from the existing website - improving reader experience and notification options.

Politiken wanted an update of their existing app. The main goals for the new app were to deliver a better reading experience, more page views, and better ways to engage with the readers.

We developed a solution based on the standard news app package, PocketPress. PocketPress delivers a series of native features like audio playback, push notifications, sharing, login, native navigation, etc. The actual articles are the website’s articles, which are displayed in the native app.


  • Audio Playback: Engage users with high-quality audio versions of articles.
  • Push Messages with Deep Linking: Direct users to specific content effectively.
  • Login: Personalize the user experience with secure sign-in options.
  • Navigation: Intuitive and native navigation within the app.
  • Fluid Opening of Articles: Eliminates the web “popping” of pages, significantly improving the reader experience.
  • Mobile and Tablet View: Optimized layouts for different screen sizes.
  • Ratings/Review Prompt: Encourages users to rate and review the app.
  • Nudging for Notification Sign-up: Gently prompts users to enable notifications for updates.
  • Allowlist and Blocklist: Ensures that ads from non-Politiken domains are opened in an external browser, maintaining a seamless user experience

The revamped Politiken News App offers readers a significantly improved reading experience. Additionally, Politiken can now notify readers about breaking news and new articles via rich push messages.

Are you a daily Politiken reader? Then, check out the Android or iOS version of the Politiken app today!

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