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Lederne’s new app is a prime tool for efficient communication with 17500 members of Norway’s union for business executives. Enabling fast, tailored and targeted messaging, the app is a cornerstone in a continuous effort to play an active role in the professional lives of busy people.

One stop shop
The vast majority of leaders, technicians and professionals organized in Lederne can now access vital news about courses, webinars and career opportunities with a few swipes and touches. The members-only app’s user-friendly design sets a new industry benchmark for un-boring trade union communication.

Look no further
Trade union loyalty is a thing of the past for most professionals, whose what’s-in-it-for-me-attitude has set a new agenda of relevance across the board. Retaining union members hinges on the ability to provide both valuable and easy-to-access content. And an app that provides all the necessary leadership tools.

Bringing the backend up to speed
By presenting articles, podcasts, courses, webinars and lots of other relevant content, Lederne now plays a larger role in members’ lives than before. And the steady flow of quality user analytics now becomes the proof needed to keep developing and pushing useful services.

“There’s no better way to drive digitization than using data to create instant value and the app is a great way for us to accomplish two things: present valuable content for our users and reduce membership churn. The solution is an engaging, interactive and new way for a union to communicate with its members.”

"The app is a major step in an overall digitization strategy."