Our first Flutter-based app

Our first Flutter-based app

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  • Android Development
  • iOS Development
  • UX / UI
  • Flutter
  • Project Management

Meet in Grid (former Rektorsakademien) creates networking opportunities for professionals working in schools and pre-schools. This year they launched a brand new pre-school conference called "Förskola21"

Meet In Grid wanted an app to help build lasting, ongoing value for the Förskola21 target group. Step one: Distributing educational videos through the app, each with a live discussion forum. The app also includes a flexible quiz engine to support additional, engaging content.

For Meet in Grid, being able to launch with a big announcement at their 'Förskola21' conference was crucial, which meant a very tight deadline.


The functionality in the app is straightforward and does not rely heavily on OS/hardware API’s. That made it a great candidate for using a cross-platform tool in order to save development time. We chose Google’s Flutter, which provides a true native user interface for both iOS and Android.

We’re using Google Firebase to provide a simple yet powerful backend that scales automatically to almost any number of users. We integrated external services like Vimeo (for videos) and TryInteract (for web-based quizzes).

By providing the full admin interface from within the app, we were able to create a complete solution quickly. If you’re logged in as an admin in the app, buttons like ‘Add video’, ‘Add Quiz’ and ‘Remove Comment’ are available. Apart from that, the app looks just the same as it does for end-users.


We needed to design an app that would make education and self assessment materials accessible for preschool teachers. One of our biggest challenges was to create a clear content structure, that would be easy to navigate, while communicating the fun and playful style of the brand.

Wireframes and prototypes We started with establishing a clear content structure, creating high level prototypes.

Icons All icons are based on a 24×24 unit grid. A simple outlined style, sharp edges and smooth corners bring icons closer to the corporate typefaces. Each icon has just enough details to carry meaning across without sacrificing the friendliness and fun.


We released the apps in time for the conference and the system has worked without a hitch. From a developer perspective, we loved using Flutter for this.

The app is available in both the App Store and Google Play.

Key Result

  • Full project was developed and released in 4 weeks!

Read more about Meet In Grid and their work here


We were pointed in Dynamo’s (now Shortcuts) direction when we wanted to release Förskola21, a project that’s very close to our hearts. With no prior experience developing apps, we had all sorts of questions. Dynamo (now Shortcut) didn’t just develop a great app. They competently guided us through every step of the process, really listened to our needs and ideas, and patiently explained the details that mattered. We especially appreciated the focus on structure and clarity throughout the project. Dynamo (now Shortcut) has the right expertise for every step of the app development process. They’re also creative, knowledgeable and really nice to work with!

Katinka Leo

Project Owner

Meet in Grid

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