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Digital transformation for the modern retail chain

Digital transformation for the modern retail chain

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  • Project Management
  • Tech Architecture consultancy
  • iOS Development
  • Android Development
  • QA
  • UX/UI

The Coop App has been developed in close collaboration with Coop It and later LoByCo. We started the development back in 2016, when Coop changed their member program. In the first 3 years we developed all the iOS and Android code. In 2019 the Coop App was the basis for the creation of the Coop subsidiary, LoByCo, and now we are part of the LoByCo development team who keeps developing and improving the Coop App.

The Coop App has been turned into an OEM solution and is now the core of several large retail chain customer apps.

The initial goal of the Coop app was:

  • Deliver tangible economic benefits to the customers
  • Make it easier to buy and make better food experiences in the daily life

With over 1,5 million downloads and daily user numbers above 250.000 – the Coop app has proven to be a huge success – improving the daily shopping experience for many users.

The main features of the Coop App are:

  • Bonus
  • Offer papers
  • Games and presents
  • Personal Offers
  • Mobile Payment
  • Self-scanning
  • E-commerce – buy groceries online
  • A prime account with extra benefits
  • Recipes and dinner inspiration

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