Børsen News App Enhanced Reading Experience and Improved Push Notifications

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Børsen approached Shortcut with the desire to develop a news app focused on two primary goals: enhancing the reading experience and using push notifications more effectively. It was also crucial for Børsen to avoid implementing any new editorial processes or IT tasks.

The solution was a new app where the content consists of articles from Børsen’s website and a native layer for navigation, OS integration etc.. The native app layer provides a significantly improved, mobile-optimized reading experience and navigation compared to the previous app.

To increase the number of push subscribers and improve the conversion rate, the sign-up process and the UI nudge users to disclose their interests and see the benefits of receiving tailored push notifications. Furthermore, the push notifications feature images from the articles and a custom sound.

The main challenge was to build a great app with an excellent reading experience based on the existing web content, without introducing new editorial processes or new IT systems. We worked closely with Børsen’s Web Team and managed to develop a model that is easily maintainable for both the web and the app.

The reading experience has been enhanced by eliminating much of the “noise” from the UI and creating a smoother transition to the individual articles. The app loads the HTML from the website but hides disruptive loading elements, thereby providing a much more convenient user experience.

The result is an app with a significantly better reading experience, more sign-ups for push notifications, and higher conversion in terms of readers who open and read Børsen’s articles.

If you’re a reader of Børsen, check it out at borsen.dk/service/apps 

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