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13. April 2023

Today we are announcing that Shortcut is opening an office in Stockholm this spring. For us, as a company, this is super exciting, since Sweden is by far the largest country in Scandinavia and home to some of the most successful companies in the world.


There’s a saying that many people around the world believe that Norway is the capital of Sweden. The differences between Danish, Norwegian and Swedish are smaller than the difference between different dialects of the same language. For centuries Norway was part of first Denmark, then Sweden. Our small countries way up north in Europe share big parts of both our culture, our traditions, and our language.

Today we are announcing that Shortcut is opening an office in Stockholm this spring. For us, as a company, this is super exciting, since Sweden is by far the largest country in Scandinavia and home to some of the most successful companies in the world. At the same time, it feels almost obvious to get colleagues in this country and city that we all know so well and love so much.

As a business whose core assets are our culture and our people, everything needs to start with the right team. So rather than going on about our ambitions and our dreams with Shortcut AB, let’s start with the founders themselves. Here is the announcement that the team gave themselves to their new colleagues when we announced the new office at our weekly all-hands meeting a few weeks ago:

At Shortcut, we are pretty open about our ambition of building the strongest team of app specialists in Scandinavia. Although this is not a small task, we have been able to build a team of almost 140 app developers, designers, project managers, and do-it-alls through our offices in Oslo, Copenhagen, Bucharest, and Bergen. And we are working with many of the most important apps in the market today.

But when we open our office in Stockholm this spring we do that with a healthy dose of humility along with our ambition and self-confidence. Humility both towards the companies we will be competing with, the demands that our new clients and partners will put on us and the fact that starting a new business is always challenging. 

We feel so privileged to be able to welcome the team of founders of Shortcut AB into the Shortcut family. We can’t wait to start connecting with the Swedish businesses and learn about their dreams and challenges. Just like we can’t wait to meet our next colleagues in Stockholm.

Meet the founding team

Founding partners in front of Shortcut Stockholm's new office

The founding partners of Shortcut Sweden: Karl Söderberg, Gabriel Sabadin and Elin Sjödahl. Marius Mathiesen, CEO of Shortcut Norway to the right of the picture.

Gabriel Sabadin is the CEO of Shortcut Sweden. He was born in Brazil, but has been living in Sweden since 2013. Gabriel holds a PhD in computer science from MIT, has worked at companies like Apple, Adobe, Citibank, MasterCard and Electrolux, and leaves his position as VP of Engineering at hugely successful app company Lifesum in order to start Shortcut’s Stockholm office. Gabriel is passionate about guitars, travelling and hiking, and spends a lot of time as an open source contributor.

Karl Söderberg was born and raised in Sweden. He has an education as a surveyor, but quickly became envious of software developers since they were able to create new things rather than just measuring what already exists. He is a curious and creative developer who loves building delighting user interfaces within apps. He has developed apps for various companies, and met Gabriel while they both worked on Cabonline’s apps for taxi booking in the Nordics. In his spare time, Karl enjoys riding his motorbike, playing music and spending time with his family.

Elin Sjödahl is also a proper Swede, but after studying abroad in Ireland and the US she has worked abroad for several years. With a background as an elite athlete she always strives to learn and become better at what she does. She has worked in various different sectors, most recently at proptech company Datscha. Elin will be in charge of sales and business development at Shortcut Sweden, and is eager to learn more about what makes a truly great app.

The founding team has already signed our first contracts, and we’re looking forward to sharing about what we’re up to. We have gotten an office at Convendum in Vasagatan 16, right next to the central station. We are working on getting the website updated with the projects we are working with in Sweden, and we have set up a LinkedIn page for Shortcut Sweden. We will be posting job openings on our website in the coming days, but if you’re a developer who wants to know more about our plans (or know someone you think would be a good fit for us), send an email to Gabriel and let’s get together for a virtual cup of coffee.

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