Chili Labs joins forces with Shortcut


21. August 2023

Shortcut welcomes Latvian Award Winning Chili Labs into the Group.


At Shortcut, we believe that technology can be used to help us all live better lives and contribute to a more sustainable society. We have made apps that help you charge your car, listen to great-quality content, use public transportation, and even get a haircut. Today, it’s hard to remember what life was like before we had these apps to help us with our everyday tasks, big or small. 

We opened our first office in Oslo in 2007, and since then, the Shortcut group has expanded both in terms of people and the regions where we make apps. Today we have offices in Oslo, Bergen, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Bucharest, and Tetovo in North Macedonia. And today, the Shortcut group also welcomes a new team in Riga, Latvia.

The Chili Labs team

The Chili Labs team

But it’s not just size that matters. It’s also reach. How can we contribute to the green shift in the other European nations if we don’t have the people to do the job? For every new country where we open an office, we have a new and unique opportunity to make an impact. We get to know exciting clients with a new set of challenges. And we grow with new colleagues who become part of the welcoming and robust culture we cherish at Shortcut.

It’s truly amazing to see a company like Chili Labs that’s so dedicated to their craft. They have a real passion for mobile apps and it shows in everything they do. With a team of over 37 talented developers, designers, engineers, and business managers, it’s no wonder they’re Latvia’s most influential mobile app developer. They’ve created some truly exceptional apps for clients all over Europe and have even organized meetups to help others in the industry. It’s clear that Chili Labs is a company that truly cares about their work and their customers.

When we met with Chili Labs almost a year ago, there were some striking similarities between Shortcut and Chili. Both companies share the same passion for technology and design, and aspire to be the greatest app development company in Europe. Our company slogan is “We make apps for life,” while Chili Labs’ is “We make mobile apps.” But what really stood out was our shared value of building strong relationships with our clients. We are both people-centered businesses that prioritize the needs of those we work with.

We notice that our friends at Chili Labs have surpassed us at Shortcut in their use of the cross-platform technology Flutter. While the benefits of cross-platform app development are clear, perfecting the technology is challenging. The quality of Chili Labs’ apps shows us their expertise and the maturity of Flutter. It is really exciting for us at Shortcut to include all the experience and competencies of the Flutter team at Chili Labs. Together we can provide excellent mobile apps built with Flutter while maintaining a high standard of user experience. 

Vjaceslavs Kreidikovs, CEO of Chili Labs, is excited about joining Shortcut:

At Chili Labs, we work on a project basis, from start to end. This gives our teams a huge responsibility for the final result. This kind of trust and ownership is what drives us and makes us proud!

Chili Labs will remain a separate brand within Shortcut, but the process of introducing the teams, sharing knowledge and opportunities and planning for a future together is well underway.

Marius Mårnes Mathiesen, Group CEO in Shortcut, holds one of the apps created by Chili Labs as a personal favorite:

The app To The Rescue works in combination with drones equipped with heat sensors, and assists rescuers finding missing persons. This app has saved the lives of four people, and has been used in several rescue missions. With our mission of creating apps for life, this app really stands out in our portfolio of apps.

Chili Labs recently published the insurance app Balcia, which is among the first insurance apps in Europe with a complete mobile customer experience. They also work with clients within the finance, fintech, entertainment and travel industries. Their complete portfolio is available on their website

It is with great pleasure that we welcome everyone in Chili Labs to the Shortcut family. Let’s build great things together!