Announcing the Nordic mobile banking report

Marius Mårnes Mathiesen


11. October 2023

We have created a report of all the mobile banking apps in Scandinavia, and are inviting everyone to a presentation about our findings. Join us in either Oslo, Stockholm or Copenhagen to learn more and connect with other people in the Nordic banking industry.


To know your market, that is a prerequisite to any industry. For an app business, it’s no different. We persistently keep learning and understanding how trends and tech develop in the markets in which we operate.  

This is why we have created a database of all currently existing apps in Scandinavia — 5291, to be precise. Our database gives us insights into which technologies apps are built in, reviews users provide to apps, and long-term data on how apps perform according to their rating in the stores.

We all have our favorite apps for shopping, traveling, managing our health, or staying connected with friends and family. This database has several app categories, but one that almost everybody uses is banking apps. So, in order to share what we have learned about the app market in Scandinavia, we created a detailed report on banking apps in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.

We’ve noticed that banking apps can be quite different depending on which country you’re in. They might have unique features, designs, and things users find essential. We were pretty surprised by what we saw, and that’s why we want to share our report on banking apps in the Nordics with everyone.

Did you know that?

  • There’s a huge difference in the number of banking apps in Norway, Sweden and Denmark? In fact, one of the countries has almost four times as many banking apps as one of the others.
  • In Denmark, 92% of the banks offer a white-label solution to their customers, while only 21% of the banks in Norway use this approach.
  • The Norwegian banks on average have the highest rating in the app stores among the Scandinavian countries. 

We have partnered with our good friends at Stacc to do a deep dive into the state of banking apps in the Scandinavian countries. Our first big surprise was the tremendous difference in the number of banking apps between these countries. But also in the nature of the apps, ranging from complex bespoke native apps from the big banks to pretty standardized apps among some of the smaller, local banks. There are also challenger banks with excellent user reviews and high scores that distinguish them from other banking apps in each country. Perhaps it’s because of their unique features, brand recognition, and design that make the banking experience in their apps so convenient and enjoyable that traditional bank branches can be forgotten.

We are thrilled to be sharing these insights with everyone!  We are taking the report on a roadshow through the Scandinavian countries the last week of October. Here, the authors of the report, Ivan Hjelmeland (Shortcut) and Marius Hauken (Stacc) will share their findings, followed by a deep dive into each country. We have invited some of the most important players in each market — Bulder, SDC, Lunar, and SBAB! — to share their experiences and tell us about the great results from their investment in banking apps.

This is a great chance to meet with other people from the banking industry to discuss your experiences on how to create great apps for banking.


Hope to see you there!

— Marius Mathiesen, Group CEO


The State of Scandinavian Banking Apps: October 25th to 27th 

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