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We are the leading mobile-focused development agency in Scandinavia. While building business critical mobile apps that impact millions of users, we value quality and craftsmanship in everything we create.

About Shortcut

Mobile-apps first

We have an exclusive focus on building mobile apps, for Android and iOS. And not just any apps. Apps that are the core of businesses. And we emphasise quality in everything we do, not the quantity or cost.   Our team is involved in all phases of the app-creation process: from design, to planning and implementation, all the way to delivery and monitoring.

Experts in the field

Due to our passion, focus on mobile apps and vast experience over the year in building hundreds of apps, we can safely say that we have one of the most highly skilled teams of experts in the field. And it's not only us saying that:
  • We teach the Android course the Technical University of Denmark;
  • We give talks at conferences and Meetups;
  • We organised the first iOS Swift UI Masterclass in Romania;
  • We organised the first Android Jetpack Compose Masterclass in Romania;
  • We're running a half-day Swift UI workshop at SwiftPL, one of the largest iOS conferences in Europe;
  • We train as part of Google's Atelierul Digital;

Latest technologies

At Shortcut, we're all about using the latest and greatest tech and making sure our apps are top-notch in terms of design, architecture and tooling. We put a lot of effort into getting things just right! And we do everything it takes to keep up to date with the trends:
  • We go to conferences (London, Berlin, New York, Warsaw);
  • We take part in workshops and training with global speakers;
  • We have internal huddles and workshops to share our knowledge;
  • We've developed internal tools, libraries and best practices;

People-oriented culture

We've established and continue to grow a start-up-like organizational culture that values trust, growth, and friendship. We enjoy spending our time together and organize monthly social activities, ranging from board games and cocktails to shooting ranges, kayaking, road trips, and team-building events.
"Shortcut's most valuable components are our people and our culture."

Trusted by industry leaders

Our team has helped global companies you know and love unleash their full potential

What is like to be a mobile apps developer?

Building mobile apps is a constantly challenging and rewarding experience, as you get to quickly visualise the results of your work. There's an amazing sense of pride and accomplishment that comes from seeing your mobile app come to life and be used by people around the world. In Shortcut, we use the latest technologies in the field and put a lot of emphasis on building the right app with the right architecture and using the right tools. At the same time, we're involved in all phases of the app-creation process: from design, to planning and implementation all the way to delivery and monitoring. The development cycle typically has a bunch of steps that are common for all projects:

1 Design

Based on the client's needs, we create prototypes and run user tests, finally creating a user friendly app design

2 Architecture

Once we know what needs to be built, we analyse the requirements and identify the right tools and architecture.

3 Implementation

The next step is the implementation of the app, carefully writing the code so it ends reliable and maintainable.

4 Release and monitor

Once the app is created, it gets published to the Store and we spend time monitoring for any issues or problems.

If you're passionate about building top mobile apps, Shortcut is the place to be at!

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